Vibes Modular Vibrox + BaseRox Review

Speakers for mobile phones have become a common go-to accessory for anyone looking to get the most out of their mobile phone. Whether it be to casually listen to music in a college dorm or to fill entire rooms with music, portable speakers come in all shapes, sizes, and styles.

Vibes Modular, a smartphone accessory company aims to take the speaker game to the next level by offering a swappable, modular system for iPhone and several Samsung Galaxy devices that allows users to attach different modules to their smartphones. The awesome team over at Vibes Modular have since provided us a Pre-Production Unit for us to review, and after a month and a half of use we have gathered our thoughts. Read on to find out our thoughts on the Vibes Vibrox + BaseRock for iPhone 7 Plus.

DSC_0042 Edit

All good impressions begin with the unboxing experience, and the Vibrox system definitely has got a clean and simple experience. Both the Sound Engine and the BaseRox case feature a sliding unboxing experience free from plastics, stickers, or pull tabs typically used to make the experience more “high end” and only complicating the process.

Moving on from the unboxing experience, both Vibes products feature one-of-a-kind designs in order to turn your phone into the star of the show with the Sound Engine attachment.


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Vibes Audio has decided to go with a modular design for what makes up the Vibrox system. The whole point of this being that you can change devices and not leave your current attachments behind, simply detach and re-attach into your new device via their BaseRox case.

In a way, the Vibrox system shares some similarities with Moto Mods, at least in the modularity aspect, but Vibrox drops the proprietary pin connectors. The Vibrox Sound Engine can be used as a standalone speaker with the included charging base.



DSC_0025 Edit

Vibes claims “Loud and clear stereo from 15mm custom digital signal processors” on their website, and through our month-long use of the Vibrox, we were impressed with the sound quality. The small footprint of the Sound Engine is perfect for anyone looking for a quality speaker sound without the added bulk or hassle of carrying another device with them.

DSC_0014 Edit

The Sound Engine features a carbon fiber cover on the speaker enclosed in a plastic shell. The Sound Engine attaches to the BaseRox case via the spring-loaded Vibes button. As mentioned before, the Sound Engine also comes with its charging base that includes a small pop-out stand for using the Sound Engine as a standalone speaker.

DSC_0016 EditCharging the Sound Engine can be done through the included Micro-USB plug.

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Upon first look, we were quick to expect distortion at high volumes from such a small device, but during our usage we were proven wrong. The Sound Engine does not distort at high volumes and the volume itself can go pretty high.

DSC_0001 Edit

Something that definitely was quick to catch our attention was the voice prompts that let you know when your speaker is connected, reached maximum volume, and changed equalizer modes. The female voice prompts have a certain robotic flair that cannot be compared to anything else on the market.

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The Sound Engine can be controlled both through your device, as well as onboard controls on the side of the device. These buttons include volume +/-, an equalizer setting/bluetooth discovery mode, play/pause/answer calls, and an on/off/battery status. These controls feature an audible click when pressed. The equalizer features indoor and outdoor modes, but during our usage the sound did not represent any major difference in quality.

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The Vibes Audio Vibrox + BaseRox system for iPhone is a unique take on modularity for iOS devices. Changing smartphones should definitely not break any current accessories that you already paid for, and the Vibes modular system approach definitely shines in this aspect. While both the BaseRox and Sound Engine are great devices, you will end up paying for the convenience of not leaving your current phone accessories behind. The Vibrox Sound Engine starts at $114.99 and the BaseRox cases an extra $24.99. As a first generation product, the Vibes Vibrox + BaseRox system clear all the boxes of good devices, but having more options of attachments might help entice users to buy into the system.


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