Mobile Edge Core Gaming Backpack Review

The gaming trend has added more and more followers as technology has been improving. Gaming laptops, desktops, and even phones are now tailored specifically for gamer’s needs. Just as important as a good game are the accessories. We have been fortunate enough to have gotten Mobile Edge’s latest Core Gaming Backpack for review, and we have to say how pleasantly surprised we have been with the Backpack’s performance.


Mobile Edge’s Core Gaming Backpack follows a very stealthy-looking appearance with red and black accents that remind us of the HP Omen or CyberPower PCs gaming style. While our pictures might not necessarily do it justice, the Core Backpack is definitely oversized.


From any angle, however, the Core Gaming Backpack is built like a tank. Every single inch of the backpack screams durability and, to a certain extent, ruggedness. One of these areas is the handle which is made up of a cable-reinforced plastic plus a hard handle.


One of the Core’s main features is the abundance of compartments, sleeves, and pouches it has. Out of these, four are easily accessible via the outside.


Another great feature of the Core is its ability to potentially speed up the process for any inspection in case this where to be needed. This can come in handy, specially at airports with its see-through checkpoint-friendly compartments.



While the Core’s main focus is on gaming, this gaming backpack checks all the boxes of what makes a great backpack for all your gadgets. The main laptop compartment, aside from being checkpoint-friendly, features an elastic velcro strap that prevents your laptop from bashing around the rest of your things.


Like mentioned before, the Core Gaming Backpack features a lot of many different compartments and sleeves. Sticking to its gaming roots, the Core is able to fit full-sized a keyboard and mice in its compartments.


Another big convenience bonus is the Core’s ability to add a battery pack for on-the-go charging via its External USB Port.





Overall, the Core Gaming Backpack is among the best bags we’ve tested. Its abundant set of pockets and compartments makes it perfect for carrying any kind of equipment (yes, even gaming equipment). Coupling this with the high quality materials, stealthy look-and-feel, and durability finishes, we are confident the Core Gaming Backpack will make a great addition for anyone looking to carry any kind of gear, tech, or gadgets. We would like to proudly award our YAT Seal of Approval to the Mobile Edge’s Core Gaming Backpack for checking all our boxes of a great Tech Product.


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