iKeyp Pro Smart Safe Review

Everyday devices have been the new target for manufacturers looking to differentiate themselves from the competition. Countless “smart” devices have come to flood the market with the promise of enhanced experiences with devices you already use. While several everyday items claim to benefit from internet connectivity, only some tend to fulfill their promise. iKeyp decided to send us over a review of their latest and greatest, the iKeyp Pro, for review. We’ve put it through the paces, and while some of its features are great in theory, the execution tends to leave more to be desired. 



The iKeyp Pro features a clean, minimalistic style with the door compartment sitting flush with the rest of the device. Rubber strips at the bottom help the iKeyp from sliding in flat surfaces. Moreover, the iKeyp Pro also features adjustable, extendable “wings” that help install it virtually anywhere.


While still a safe box, the iKeyp Pro aims to look more like an everyday appliance rather than an armored safe space for valuable belongings. This might be due to the Pro’s plastic construction, but as it is designed for common item safe-keeping, this should not be a problem for anyone looking to purchase.



According to its website, the iKeyp Pro offers 24/7 security monitoring, remote open from almost anywhere, real-time reminders on your smartphone, and audible/visual alerts on the device.Going back to our original thoughts, all these features sound perfect in practice, but this is where the iKeyp Pro falls short.


While the security monitoring, reminders, alerts, and remote open all work as advertised, the Pro needs to be activated by hand. This means that while, in-theory, the Pro can be opened from anywhere (with an internet connection of course), someone else needs to be able to click the Pro’s keypad in order to “wake” the device and have it connect to Wi-Fi.


Failure to do so will provide the user with the following error message.


Aside from this, the iKeyp Pro’s smartphone alerts, reminders, and monitoring do add a peace of mind for users that might be afraid of safe tampering. In the case of having more than one person handling the safe (or someone who might be wake it from sleep), it is unclear why remote unlocking might be necessary. The provided safe keys or keypad would do just fine, but this depends on the case of use for the iKeyp Pro. Furthermore, the Pro is powered by four AA batteries making it easy to move around without having to deal with power outlets.




The iKeyp Pro offers an interesting case for smart devices. Unfortunately, the amount of effort needed for these smart capabilities to work defeats the purpose in many cases. A smart safe with always-on internet connectivity sounds more like the path iKeyp was aiming for, yet the Pro does not fulfill that vision. If having a personal safe with real time notifications of its use sounds more fitting to your needs, and true remote unlocking is not something you are looking for, the iKeyp Pro might be the safe for you. Otherwise, an always-on-and-connected safe might be a better option.

– Update –

Since our review, the great team over at iKeyp has offered an explanation over the issue we covered on our review. As we mentioned, the iKeyp does need to be activated before remote unlock. The company attributes this as a security issue, and from that point of view, it is a very smart decision. As also mentioned by them, by having the iKeyp Pro connect only momentarily to the internet, its chance of being remotely hacked are dropped significantly. Furthermore, by having someone else activate the iKeyp before remotely opening it gives the user the peace of mind that only someone who is actually meant to open the safe will do so.


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