GRIP All-in-1 Universal Car Mount Review

Nowadays, smartphones tend to almost never leave our sight. Wether it is at the gym, at work, or in the comfort of our own homes, smartphones tend to always be within our reach at all times. While this might not certainly be a bad thing, they can definitely become a distraction while on the road.

Playing music, checking up on Maps, or simply glancing at a text can take our attention away from driving. Fortunately, there are many different ways to mount our smartphones on our cars and this is where accessory manufacturer DE World comes in.

Their awesome team has provided us with their latest GRIP All-in-One Universal mount for us to review. So without any further ado, read on to find out what makes this car mount great!


The GRIP All-in-One features a 6pc design meant to accommodate a variety of different mounting options and vehicles. The GRIP All-in-One features a suction, vent, cd slot, adhesive, and non-slip dashboard pad mounts. If you are looking for a car mount, the GRIP All-in-One definitely has you covered with their wide variety of options included in the box.


The mounts are all made out of hard plastic, and feature a ball-joint mechanism in order for the user to best position their smartphone according to their needs.


During our tests, the GRIP All-in-One definitely kept our smartphones secure while driving. There where no drops or rattling parts during our tests with the GRIP.


One thing we would like to note, however, is that while the GRIP includes different mounting styles, not all attachments will be guaranteed to work with all vehicles. For instance, the CD Slot mount would not work on a 2014 Ford Mustang Stereo System because the CD slot is too close to the shifter. While this definitely is not a deal breaker, it is something to keep in mind when buying and mounting this product.


As mentioned before, the GRIP features a ball-joint mechanism in order to make it easier for the phone to be used in a landscape and portrait orientations. The GRIP’s smartphone cradle includes a tightening screw in order to help maintain the smartphone’s desired orientation.


The GRIP’s other two mounting methods involve attaching either an adhesive suction cup or dash pad somewhere on the vehicle in order to hold your smartphone.


The suction arm mount is actually quite flexible. It can adjust in height via the side screw in order to improve visibility regardless of where it is mounted.


The adjustable arm mount can also become longer, if, needed, via the screw right underneath the arm.



The GRIP All-in-One features a very robust car mounting mechanism for a very reasonable price point. At only $29.99 via the Verizon Wireless website, the GRIP includes a variety of different mounts to suit your needs. The build quality and design is great in allowing the user to mount their smartphones any way they like without having to buy different mounts in order to change orientations. The GRIP All-in-One is also great for those that frequently change vehicles as mounts like the CD Slot, and Air Vent can simply be detached and re-attached. Overall, the GRIP All-in-One is perfect for anyone looking for a great car mount that features a variety of mounting options and that would like to use their phone in both landscape and portrait orientations.


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