A-Champs ROXs 2S Review

With the rise of mobile screens, it is very easy to always be entertained. Whether you are on your daily commute to work, waiting in line at a bank, and even in the comfort of your own home, devices like smartphones and tablets have become an ever-present device in many people’s lives. As a result, it is very easy to simply pass-on these habits to younger children. After all, how can a child ever be bored with the countless hours available on the internet of cartoons and animated tv shows? The downside is that we might be pushing kids away from the traditional go-outside-and-play mindset we all once grew up with.

Fortunately, the A-Champs gaming system is here to solve that problem with an elegant solution. They’ve reached out to us and asked us to take the system for a spin. Read on to find out more about this great gaming system!

The A-Champs vision begins with the fact that many kids are not going outside to play anymore, instead choosing to stay indoors and browse the web. Their flagship product, the ROXs 2s, aims to take kids back outside, engage them with fun games while marrying the best of both worlds!

AChampsRox2S -4

Combining physical objects (called PEBBs), the ROXs 2s system comes with everything you need to get started on some fun outdoor activities.


The $79 ROXs 2s system comes with the ROXs 2s unit, a strap set, 8 PEBBs, and our review unit included 6 LR6 batteries. Although our unit was battery powered, the final product is to be shipped with a wireless charger with an estimated 3-hour-gameplay per charge.

AChampsRox2S -8

The ROXs 2s unit is made out of plastic with 4 rubber feet to prevent from scratching any surface its placed on. The build quality is stellar, as there is definitely some weight to the device making it feel well built and capable of taking a couple accidental drops during gameplay sessions.

AChampsRox2S -5

The interactive action pebbles (or PEBBs) are scannable guitar-pick-shaped tokens that feature different animals. On the back of each are scannable QR Codes that let the ROXs 2s unit which PEBB has been scanned. The PEBBs build quality is equally impressive as they do not break easily in case of  drops , scratches, or even stepping on them during games.

AChampsRox2S -6

Aside from the PEBBs, the ROXs 2s also includes a strap, which can be used in a variety of different ways depending on game chosen.


AChampsRox2S -10

The ROXs 2s system comes pre-loaded with 5 different games, as well as a small introductory tutorial named “Meet PEBBS” where the ROXs 2s plays the animal sounds for each corresponding PEBB.


The team over at A-Champs notes on their website that new games will be added as time goes by via software update through the app.

The games vary by difficulty and are great for all ages. The objectives are clear, and the app even promotes creativity within the games suggesting to modify the style of gameplay according to the players. Parents and kids that simply wanna play can just connect the ROX 2S and start, while other players that wanna spice up the games by adding obstacles are also welcome to do so.



AChampsRox2S -9

A-Champs’ mission is to Get Kids Moving, and with the ROXs 2s they definitely are on the right track. The ROXs 2s system is great for parents looking to get their kids outside and play while keeping some of the interconnectivity they are used to. The ROXs 2s is such a great product that it even offers a small glimpse into the future. During our review, we definitely had fun playing all the games bundled with the system, and having the app to show scoreboards for each player brought out the competitiveness in everyone.

The ROXs 2s feels like a modern version of a traditional board game, and with the ability to add features via software update, the possibilities are endless. A-Champs’ mission to Get Kids Moving is well on the right path, and the ROXs 2s is definitely a great start for parents looking to get their kids into an active lifestyle.


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