Cherry MW 4500 Ergonomic Mouse Review

For any content creator, it is not out of the ordinary to spend large amounts of time with a mouse, keyboard, and stationary work computer. Wether it is editing video, photos, or simply using a computer for a specific special software, having a comfortable setup can make all the difference between getting work done. As a maker of the very best keyboards on the market, Cherry has added a new product to help reduce strain while working for long periods on a computer.

The Cherry MW 4500 is an  45° Ergonomic Mouse meant to angle the use of a mouse to a more natural position in order to prevent unnecessary strain on your wrists. The team over at Cherry was able to give us a first-look at their newest mouse so be sure to head past the break to see our full review.


The Cherry MW 4500 design is minimalistic, meant to keep you focused on whatever you are working on instead of attempting unnecessary gimmicks or flashy features. Mostly made out of plastic, the Cherry MW 4500 features a 6 Button layout with an adjustable DPI of up to 1200 with a battery life rated at 6 months.

The MW 4500 also features built-in storage for the Nano USB Receiver, which is always great to prevent from misplacing or losing it.


Using the Cherry MW 4500 was a delight. The 45° tilt definitely makes the grip feel way more natural than with a traditional mouse. All buttons on the Cherry MW 4500 have a good amount of travel and click. The ridges along the scroll wheel help with scrolling documents or zooming in to projects all while giving it a more premium feel.

Adjusting the DPI on the fly is always only a click away for any workflows that need quick switching, and the mouse is truly plug-and-play, no additional software needed. While more premium options typically feature customizable buttons, behaviors, and shortcuts, the Cherry MW 4500 can get you up and running without having you to customize every single button before using it.

During our test, we found the 900 DPI option to be optimal, but this can obviously vary depending on your workflow.

While we were not able to fully test the 6-month advertised battery life, the Cherry MW 4500 can be turned off when not in use which can potentially prolong the battery life substantially.

Lastly, another thing to note is that the Cherry MW 4500 is only compatible with Windows devices. When using the Cherry MW 4500 on a Mac, the side buttons do not function as forward and backward buttons. This might be a deal breaker for people who do not use Windows and is something that should be kept in mind if you are looking into purchasing.


The Cherry MW 4500 is a great first step into upgrading your computer workflow. A good build quality, long battery life, and Cherry name brand back it up. If long hours using a mouse as your primary input device on a Windows-based machine is part of your workflow, this is a great way to relieve the stress that comes when using a traditional mouse. At $35, the Cherry MW 4500 Ergonomic Mouse is a good price point to see if an ergonomic mouse is for you.

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