i-Blason The Venom Case for iPhone 8+ Review

Like we recently covered, the team over at i-Blason have kindly sent a bunch of their latest and greatest over for review. Another great product in their lineup is the awesomely-named The Venom case for iPhone 7+/8+. So without any further ado, read on to find out our thoughts on this awesome case.



The Venom case features all the things you’ve come to expect from i-Blason and their wide variety of cases. It features double-layered protection while keeping your device sleek and stylish with 5 different colors to choose from.

Apple cutout logo-lovers will rejoice as this case will always let you show off the logo on the back of your device. While there is no protective film for this back cutout, we did not see this as much of a problem, but it definitely need to be noted as not everyone will like this bare look and feel.


The Venom features this unmistakeable raises that outline the power and volume buttons.


Aside from this, the Venom also features corner bumpers on all corners of the device for added protection against drops.




During our tests, the Venom case put out solid results. The raised corner bumpers protect the phone’s screen in case it where to fall screen first.

Also, we were surprisingly pleased with the button layout from the case. This is an area where alot of cases typically reach the make-or-break point. Mushy or hard to press buttons are always the first ones causing problems with cases that change the button finishes, but the Venom is definitely an exception.


Each button is definitely distinguishable, big, and responsive enough for comfortable use. You will definitely not have accidental presses if its on a bag or pant pockets. Also, it will not be the kind of case that requires extra force just to press the phone’s buttons.


As we’ve come to expect from i-Blason, the power button has a different texture pattern from the volume rocker in order to make it easier to identify even without looking at the phone.



In conclusion, i-Blason never fails to continue producing great, affordable, and high quality products. The Venom case for iPhone 7+/8+ is no exception. It protects your phone from any drops with its raised bumper corners and a dual-layer design, all while keeping the device sleek. If you are looking to protect your iPhone 7+/8+, be sure to check out i-Blason’s great selection of cases.

Disclaimer: Products featured in this review have been provided for review purposes by i-Blason. We will only promote products or services that we believe are worthy of our recommendations, always keeping our readers (and their hard earned money!) in mind.

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