i-Blason Transformer Holster Case Review

Our friends over at i-Blason have recently sent out their latest and greatest cases for iPhone 7+/8+. Their newest case, the Transformer Holster, features a 2-in-1 kickstand functionality. No more attaching loops, rings, or sockets to simply enjoy content on your phone. With the Transformer Case, all you have to do is pop out the stand and you’re good to go! Read on to find out more on i-Blason’s latest below.



In terms of design, i-Blason products are always well constructed, durable, and eye-catching. The Transformer is no exception. The back of the case features a carbon fiber texture along with an all-around rubberized edge. Aside from this, it also features raised corner bumpers for extra protection against drops.


Buttons and cutouts for your iPhone’s buttons are also always easy to identify. Volume controls are slightly raised and easily identifiable even without looking at your phone.


Another small difference is that the Transformer’s power button is actually patterned unlike the volume controls, and it also features the same slight-raise so you can identify it without having the phone within line of sight.


Using the Transformer case made us wonder why not all phone cases come with built in kickstands. i-Blason did a really good job integrating the kickstand on the actual case, as it is barely noticeable when stored away. When in use, however, the kickstand is extremely handy for setting your phone down and scrolling through apps like Twitter or Instagram. One thing to note is that the stand works only in portrait mode as it is does not rotate, but for the occasional content consumption it definitely works.




i-Blason continues to innovate on their cases, always adding extra functionality where possible. The Transformer Case for iPhone 7+/8+ is no different. The added kickstand, as well as the textured carbon fiber and protection make the Transformer a great addition for anyone looking to protect their iPhone.

Disclaimer: Products featured in this review have been provided for review purposes by i-Blason. We will only promote products or services that we believe are worthy of our recommendations, always keeping our readers (and their hard earned money!) in mind.

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