Mophie Juice Pack Air for iPhone 7 Plus Review

While many people opt for the iPhone 7 Plus simply because it is bigger display, another big advantage is that it will definitely outlast the regular iPhone 7 in terms of battery. Of course, you can never have enough battery on any smartphone. This is where cases like Mophie’s Juice Pack Air come into play. Rated to charge your iPhone 7 Plus back up to 60%, the Juice Pack Air features a built-on 2,420 mAh battery.  While this case certainly performed as expected, buying this case ultimately comes down to one big factor so read on to find out more!



The Juice Pack Air for iPhone 7 Plus features the same simplistic two-piece design Mophie has become famous for when it comes to battery cases. The bottom piece slides in the bottom of the iPhone and the top piece caps the device’s dual cameras.




Using the Juice Pack Air is as effortless as can be – at least for some people. Call audio quality and the redirected, front facing speakers sound good. The ability to see the case’s charge via the 4 LEDs is also a good thing. The Juice Pack Air, however, can become a no-go if you have not fully made the jump to wireless earphones. Still charging via Micro-USB, there is no way to plug in the Apple included 3.5mm headphone adapter in order to enjoy music through wired earphones. Perhaps, designing the case to allow charge and sync might have helped the iPhone recognize wired earphones. The issue remains, however. The only way to use the headphone adapter is to take off the case completely. The Juice Pack Air takes about 2-3 hours to recharge, and can recharge an iPhone 7 Plus from 0 to 60% as advertised.



Whether or not Mophie’s Juice Pack Air is for you depends on one single characteristic. If you only use wireless headphones (or AirPods), and are looking to get more usage out of your iPhone 7 Plus, this case will definitely fit in your lifestyle. On the other hand, if you regularly listen to music via Apple’s included headphone jack adapter, this case is definitely not the one you are looking for. While we have yet to see a battery case that works with Apple’s headphone adapter, it is worth mentioning since it does interfere with some user’s regular usage patterns, and it definitely came as a surprise during our review process.

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