Motorola VerveOnes Music Edition Review


With the introduction of the iPhone 7 and its lack of a headphone jack, Apple cited courage as their reason for moving forward from a legacy technology in their latest smartphone. The idea was to have wireless earphones take the next leap into our consumer lifestyles. While many companies have put out new wireless versions of their head or earphones, many people argue that the future Apple envisioned is not here yet. Situations like these are where products like the Motorola VerveOnes ME (Music Edition) come in. We were fortunate enough to get a pair sent to us for review, and this is what we thought about them.


Taking a page from many other manufacturers, the VerveOnes feature a charging case in which to store your new wireless headphones. While not big in size, the cylinder-shaped case can make it a bit awkward to forget it is on something like jean or pant pockets. The charging case features a rotating open-close mechanism that is extremely convenient and eliminates the hassle of things like losing or breaking lids.


The charging case features no buttons whatsoever. The only things in the case are an LED indicator and micro-USB port at the bottom for charging.

Opening the case will instantly present you with the earphones. Both attach to the charging case via 3 gold pins on the case. Each charging pod/cradle on the case is labeled with a corresponding left/right marker.

FullSizeRender 8

While it does take more effort, both earphones can be charged on the opposing sides. At a simple gaze, it is hard to differentiate which earphone is which as the corresponding markers on the earphones themselves are above the ear tip.

FullSizeRender 4

Pulsing LEDs on the earbuds and at the bottom of the device will let you know when the earbuds have been correctly placed on the pins and are indeed charging.

FullSizeRender 9


After using the VerveOnes, there are a couple things to note. First is that pairing both earphones is as effortless as it can get without Apple’s W1 chip. Motorola did an impressive job having the earphones pair with each other automatically when both are turned on. The ability to pair only one earphone is there, the only downside is that it has to be the right earbud. Turning the left one on will not pair it to your device.

FullSizeRender 2

Another important issue with the VerveOnes is that they have some amount of lag between controls. Playing, pausing, and volume controls all seem to have lag which might not be convenient for some people.

During our tests, watching video via YouTube had a significant amount of lag, so much so that the audio was out of sync with the video. This problem, however, seemed to only happen the first time audio from YouTube played. After this incident, the VerveOnes correctly synced every time.

As far as battery life, the VerveOnes do last a long time, most probably due to the charging case. While it might not be the 8 hour advertised playtime, 6-7 hours of use seems about right on our tests.

FullSizeRender 6

Audio quality on the VerveOnes is great, similar to the JayBird X2s. Bass is not over-exaggerated and sound is clear.

The VerveOnes are also IP54 water and dust resistant (NOT waterproof).

Motorola also provides the ability to track your earbuds in case of losing them with their Hubble Connect for VerveLife App (iOS/Android). This functionality worked well and the app is clean and without too many options to confuse users.

Screen Shot 2017-05-10 at 10.23.23 AM


FullSizeRender 7

Overall, the VerveOnes ME are a great pair of wireless earbuds. Their water resistance, ability to track via an app, great sound & battery life, and effortless pairing technique definitely make it a good option if you are looking for a pair or thinking of considering buying them. The only thing holding these earbuds back from receiving our seal of approval is the slight lag between controls and the inability to pair only the left earbud to any device.



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