The App Limelight: AppSpotr

The App Limelight is a new section highlighting new and existing apps that are often overlooked on the Apple and Android App Stores with the potential to create a social impact. For this section, we conducted an interview with one of the company’s founders, Patric Bottne, who was more than happy to answer all our questions.

*Note: This interview was conducted via e-mail. *


Sweden-based company, AppSpotr is well on a mission to bridge the gap between non-coding content creators, entrepreneurs, and small business owners that want to get started building their very own smartphone application. Bottne describes AppSpotr as a “declaration of love to all creative people in the world who make their living from helping customers to go digital, now being able to build, deliver and earn money on apps also”. Websites like WordPress and Squarespace have been on a relentless mission to empower users to be able to create a website on their own, and this is where AppSpotr is headed.


By offering users several templates to pick from, the user does not have to start from scratch, and can have an app up and running in a short period of time. Users can add, change, or delete as many features, pages, and layouts to their app as they would feel necessary. A very unique feature about AppSpotr is that the user always has control over his/her application. They have the final decision as to whether or not their app will be monetized, on which App store it will be published, and whether or not they want to add advertisements.


AppSpotr does not take any percentages off ads nor the app’s price (if the user decides to price it). Instead, AppSpotr relies on premium memberships to make their money. While users can build an app completely free using the templates provided, AppSpotr charges for advanced plugins that the user can also incorporate to their app.

At the time of writing AppSpotr has approximately 300,000 users and is rapidly growing. Having tested the app-building process, AppSpotr is perfect for building a great app. AppSpotr even previews the app you are building in real time via the AppSpotr Viewer app. Their recent partnership with PayPal gives small business owners and artists the ability to sell their goods straight from their app.


In the near future, and to offer more specialized features and app integrations, users will be able to have access to AppSpotr’s SDK and API. In addition to this, 3rd Party Developers and Designers will also be able to submit their own plugins and template into the AppSpotr marketplace to better serve every user.

By simplifying the app creation process, AppSpotr empowers people to be able to build an app without knowing how to code. Partnering up with PayPal is one of the many advantages why AppSpotr can definitely create social change.

You can learn more about AppSpotr on their website or via their Twitter, Facebook, or Instagram.

We would like to express our most sincere gratitude to AppSpotr’s founders Patric Bottne and Fredrik Bewick for taking time out of their busy schedules for our interview.

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