The App Limelight: Everybody Digital

The App Limelight is a new section highlighting new and existing apps that are often overlooked on the Apple and Android App Stores with the potential to create a social impact. For this section, we sat down for an interview with the company’s founder, Allen Maldonado, who was more than happy to answer all our questions.


Everybody Digital is a new and upcoming short film streaming app available for both iPhone and Android that aims to be the platform for filmmakers to showcase their works to the world. Actor, Writer, Director, and founder of Everybody Digital, Allen Maldonado, aims to promote the work of filmmakers through this app by opening the doors to a wider audience.

Maldonado states how often filmmakers pour their heart and soul into producing their short films, only to have the spotlight finish once their films have been screened at film festivals. Along with this also comes the idea that only a select few individuals are able to attend film festivals. This is where Maldonado sees a potential for Everybody Digital.


Once launched, Everybody Digital will offer a select catalog of featured indie films that will be available to watch for everyone completely free. The entire catalog of films can be unlocked via a $2.99 monthly subscription. Short films accepted into the Everybody Digital catalog will be no longer than 20 minutes, and will be categorized into durations in order to help the discovery process for all films.

Filmmakers looking to submit their short films can head over to the Everybody Digital website in order to begin the submission process. Once accepted, films are licensed for a total of two years to Everybody Digital via contract which can then be renegotiated after the two year period.

As far as the future of Everybody Digital, Mr. Maldonado aims to work towards the first ever online film festival through his new company. For his vision, he mentions an industry where everybody helps everybody when it comes to discovering the countless short films that often tend to fade out after major film festivals. The app has the potential to be any upcoming filmmaker’s breakout success opportunity by having their work reach a wider audience.

We would like to express our most sincere gratitude to Everybody Digital’s founder Allen Maldonado for providing us with this opportunity for an interview.

For more information regarding Everybody Digital, please contact them at or through social media on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.


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