i-Blason iPhone 7 Plus Case Review Roundup

A brand new smartphone, nowadays, is a guilty pleasure many people like to have. The sound of the thin film peeling from a brand new screen is unmistakable. After having put the first few fingerprint on your new device, the best thing to do is to get a case for it – if you plan on using it for more than a year that is. With countless elements and other things working together to scratch your brand new phone, it is impossible for it to retain its like-new appearance. The awesome people over at i-Blason understand this, and thus they offer a wide range of cases for all your everyday gadgets like iPhones, Apple Watch, iPad, and even Android flagships like the Google Pixel, LG G6, HTC One Series, Motorola X & Z lines and Galaxy Lineup. They have decided to send out their brand new line of cases for the iPhone 7 Plus of which includes the ArmorBox & Unicorn Beetle Pro cases for your enjoyment.

i-Blason ArmorBox for iPhone 7 Plus



The i-Blason ArmorBox features a two-piece design featuring a polycarbonate front shell (with screen protector included) along with flexible TPU back protection. The diamond-textured TPU back cover features raised power and volume controls for easy identification. In a similar way, the ArmorBox for iPhone 7 Plus also features subtle shock-resisting raised corners for extra protection. The charging and mute switches have corresponding TPU flaps which prevent dust or other things from going into your phone. The speakers are housed underneath two, downward-facing, single-cut openings at the bottom of the case.



The ArmorBox has an extremely comfortable feel in the hand. Despite adding several millimeters of thickness to your device, it manages to not feel awkwardly large like other cases.

The raised buttons also give this case an extremely great feel on the hand. They are by no means mushy nor too firm to press. These raised buttons really strike a balance when it comes to how well they click with the device.

Moreover, the plastic flaps covering the iPhone’s ports and switches are easy to open and also feature a raised edge for an overall better experience.


Despite being slightly raised when sitting face up, the case manages to sit flush overall and prevent from slipping or wobbling when used in things like tables and desks.


DSC_1019 YAT Approved

Overall, the ArmorBox is a great case for anyone looking to protect their smartphone from drops, dust, and even scratches with the built-in screen protector.  While the built-in screen protector is a serious fingerprint magnet, it does not interfere with the phone’s ability to register touch whatsoever. The ArmorBox is a fantastic case if you don’t mind added thickness and like cases with clickable buttons, dust covers, and flexible TPU. At $28, it is really hard to go wrong when competitors offer very similar products starting at $69. As a result, the i-Blason ArmorBox is worthy of our YAT Seal of Approval. It can be purchased over at the i-Blason website here in a variety of colors which include White, Black, Blue, and Pink.

Unicorn Beetle Pro for iPhone 7 Plus


While the Unicorn Beetle Pro shares several design cues with the ArmorBox, the small changes in this case are what make it a unique case on its own in terms of feel.


While the Beetle Pro shares the same two-piece design with the ArmorBox, the overall feel of the device is completely different. Unlike the ArmorBox, the Beetle Pro is a very flush-feeling device overall. This means that things like the corner impact cushioning that protect the device will not be raised slightly from the case. This is also true for the power and volume controls as they feature a more flushed design when compared to the ArmorBox.


This results in a more one-single-piece feeling when the case is in your hand. Even the plastic back feels more inline with the rest of the device as opposed to the ArmorBox which was slightly (but noticeably) raised.


Like the ArmorBox, the Beetle Pro also features a built-in screen protector which also aligns perfectly with the iPhone 7 Plus’ Touch ID sensor.



As mentioned before, the Beetle Pro’s different feeling in the hand was instantly recognizable. The buttons, as well as the design patterns in the case make up an overall consistent feeling all around the case. Everything seems to flow from one edge of the case to the other thanks to the lack of raised buttons or parts in the case.


Unlike the ArmorBox, however, the Beetle Pro’s port covers seem to be easier to open and close. Both covers look and feel more pronounced and defined when compared to those in the ArmorBox, despite not sticking out significantly.

In addition to this, while both cases feature the built-in screen protector, the Beetle Pro’s seems to do a better job at handling fingerprints. For the most part, the Beetle Pro appears to attract less fingerprints than the screen protector found in the ArmorBox.


Just like the ArmorBox, the Unicorn Beetle Pro is a great option if you are thinking of buying a case for the iPhone 7 Plus. The case features a good amount of protection and ruggedness, and does not make your device feel oversized. The biggest difference setting the ArmorBox and Unicorn Beetle Pro apart is the feeling in the hand. If you are a person who likes raised buttons on phone cases, the ArmorBox is definitely the case for you. On the other hand, if you are the type of person that likes evenly-proportioned cases without things like thick bumpers, raised clicky buttons, or raised surfaces that will only make your phone not sit flush on something like a table, the Unicorn Beetle Pro is definitely the case for you. Like the ArmorBox, the Unicorn Beetle Pro also wins our YAT Seal of Approval. i-Blason knows that no two iPhone owners are the same, and it is a great idea to offer alternatives as to what cases they can put on their phone, as well as the feeling these give off in the user’s hands.

i-Blason iPhone 7 Plus WaterProof Case

If neither the ArmorBox nor the Unicorn Beetle Pro seem to satisfy your needs, and waterproofing your phone is something you consider important, i-Blason has got you covered.


Along with the ArmorBox and the Unicorn Beetle Pro, i-Blason also offers their own WaterProof phone case featuring an IP67 Splash, Water, and Dust resistant rating.



Similar to the other i-Blason cases, the waterproof case features what they call a “reinforced bumper” in order to protect it from drops and falls. This bumper is made up of hard plastic material which gives the device a thick feeling. While any case increases your phone’s thickness, the waterproof bumper can feel big at times. Buttons all around the device can also feel a bit hard to press sometimes because of the rubberized material that they are made out of. This, however, is not something wrong in the case design itself, as this rubber material is what correctly seals your phone to prevent any water damage. This rubberized sealant band also does a great job of sealing the phone entirely from water coming in from the sides of the case. Something else to note is that the iPhone’s downward facing speakers are redirected to the top via speaker opening below the home button. While this is a welcome feature, the only thing preventing the speaker opening from leaking water inside the phone are two pieces of cushioning glued to each speaker cut-out. Unfortunately in our tests, one of these cushions became loose and thus ended up detached from the case. While it can be easily reattached to the bottom of the case, having to reattach the piece to the case can be complicated as it is precisely pre-cut and glued for the speaker cut-out.





During our time with the case, taking it on and off did prove to be easier than other competitor’s cases, and the case also suffered less cosmetic damage thanks to the oversized gap between the front and back covers.

As with any waterproof case, bubbling sensations within the screen where present during our tests. While the cases never failed to register our touch, the case did feel like the was an air gap between the iPhone’s screen and the case. Touch ID worked exactly as expected offering no problems during any of our tests.


On the other hand, something that did significantly reduce in quality throughout our tests were the ear speaker when talking on the phone. Like others, waterproof cases tend to distort and feature a barrier-like effect that can make it hard to engage in a conversation.

In our test, the other person reported no problems with clarity and loudness from our end, but listening to that same person talk via the case can be a problem for some people. The other person on the line sounded extremely distant even when holding the phone as close as possible to the ear.



If calls are an important factor for which you use your phone, this case might not be for you. While it does protect quite a while for things like water and dirt, the downgrade in quality on the iPhone’s ear piece whenever the case was on did not outweigh the benefits. If you are a fan of waterproof cases, this one from i-Blason might have you covered. If the typical tactile feel of a waterproof case, the small added bulkiness, and the idea of having a waterproof and dust-proof case is what you are looking for, the i-Blason WaterProof case is worth a look. While it is only a fraction of the price when compared to competitors ($30), this might be the a great inexpensive waterproof case for your iPhone 7 Plus so long as you are willing to make sacrifices on the overall look and feel of your smartphone.

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