ZEISS VR One Plus Review

Virtual reality is clearly the next big evolution when it comes to entertainment. As a matter of fact, our most popular review has been of the Hype Oracle VR Headset – and it is no surprise. Everyday more and more people are seeing the benefits of virtual reality and the countless applications and possibilities it has brought to with it. Nowadays, almost everyone has put out a VR product of their own, with rumors of even Apple have given it a try. T3D Gear has partnered up with Carl Zeiss in order to bring to the North American market the Zeiss VR One Plus. We have been provided a unit of their most recent headset, and it has since definitely made an impression.



The Zeiss VR One Plus features a premium-looking design with its adjustable and removable head straps and high-quality Velcro that helps provide the user with a perfect fit – even for users who might want to try out the device with eyeglasses.

Another great addition and premium-feeling material in this device is the cushion around the headset. The sponge-like cushion makes using it very comfortable for any given period of time, all with a solid overall construction.


The VR One Plus features a detachable smartphone tray capable of holding phones of up to 5.5 inches. Like the head straps, the smartphone tray uses a cushion in order to have your smartphone align perfectly with the tray for an easier headset aligning experience.


Something to note, however, is that the fit on the smartphone tray is so precise and snug that having some type of screen protector might prevent the smartphone from correctly fitting in the tray. While this is definitely not a deal-breaker by any means, it is important to note in case you are planning on buying this device and already have a glass protector on your smartphone.


The VR One Plus features cut-outs on both sides for the smartphone tray to slide out, as well as another cut-out for your smartphone’s camera sensor. This allows the VR One Plus to be able to see forward for apps that might take advantage of your device’s camera.


In our ample amount of time with the device, using the VR One Plus was mostly a very good experience. The amount of cushion around the viewer’s side makes the experience a comfortable one.


Also, the cut-outs and smartphone tray were effortless to set up and use as the VR One Plus includes clear instructions and even markers on the device that show how it should be set up.

The recommended apps Zeiss VR One AR (Android, iOS) and Zeiss VR One Cinema (Android, iOS) performed admirably on the device. Our iPhone 7 Plus, which was used to test the device, had no problem seeing the Augmented Reality Cube provided for use with the VR One AR app despite its dual-camera setup.


As if this were not enough, the Zeiss VR One Plus also has the ability to pilot drones through the VR One AR app by integrating with Parrot and DJI drones and letting you see what the drone’s camera sees. 360-degree photos and videos are also playable via the same app. While our lack of a drone has prevented us from testing out this claim, we have no problem believing the VR One Plus’ capabilities.



Zeiss’ attempt at making consumer-friendly virtual reality product has certainly been great success. Comfortable, well-built, and user-adjustable are three words that best encapsulate the Zeiss VR One Plus. The experience that it provides is also on par with how well the device is built. Currently priced at $129, the Zeiss VR One is a great virtual reality headset for those looking for added comfort, and who might be looking to get more out of virtual reality other than casual gaming.

The Zeiss VR One Plus is available for purchase on the VR One website here.


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