MyCharge Razor Platinum Review

Battery packs are a dime-a-dozen nowadays, but with the quick adoption of USB-C, only a few battery packs have the ability to charge natively from USB-C. The MyCharge Razor Platinum is one of the select few that features a USB-C output out of the box. Aimed directly more towards MacBook users, the Razor Platinum manages to have a few tricks up its sleeve. MyCharge was able to provide us with a review unit, and these were our findings.



MyCharge clearly had MacBook users in mind when designing the Razor Platinum. With a smooth, metal finish, the Razor Platinum comes in the classic Silver that has become synonymous with Mac products. By doing this, Mac users can have a battery pack that is worthy to stand next to an Apple-designed product.

Sitting on the top side of the battery pack are the device’s three main and only ports: USB-C Output, USB-C Input, and the typical USB-A output we can find in other competing devices. Sitting directly above the USB-C input are 4 Blue LEDs that let you know when the device is charging as well as how much battery it has left. A nice addition to the Razor Platinum is the ability to check the device’s remaining capacity by shaking the device, which will elegantly light up the LEDs to display the remaining charge.


Included with this $99 premium battery pack is a rather short USB-C cable. We wish this cable was significantly longer though, since it is the only way to charge back the device.



The packaging for this product claims that it is able to recharge a MacBook to full in approximately an hour and 40 minutes. Unfortunately, the lack of having a MacBook stood in our way to be able to prove this claim, but given the fact that the original MacBook power adapter charges at 29W, the 34W output of the Razor Platinum should charge it significantly faster.


Also, the Razor Platinum supports pass-through charging, which means that you can charge another device while you charge the Platinum.

Throughout our review process, we did notice something that might be a potential deal breaker for some people. While the Razor Platinum was quick to charge devices to their full capacity, recharging it was a completely different story. Going from a completely discharged state and back to full charge, the Razor Platinum took more than 4 hours to recharge. While this might not be a deal-breaker to some, a 4+ hour recharge time is not necessarily apt for those that are looking for an extremely portable battery pack that they can quickly charge, drain, and re-charge.



At $99, the MyCharge Razor Platinum is not necessarily a steal when it comes to external battery packs. If you own a MacBook, however, and are constantly looking for a wall outlet, the Razor Platinum might be for you. The matching design and aesthetics bring in a new level of premium quality to this elegant device, as long as you do not mind the amount of time it takes to recharge to full capacity.

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