The App Limelight: CampusSafe

The App Limelight is a new section highlighting new and existing apps that are often overlooked on the Apple and Android App Stores with the potential to create a social impact. For this section, we sat down for an interview with the company’s CEO, Edmund Buckley, who was more than happy to answer all our questions.


CampusSafe was a company started by Eric Irish, a former Rochester Institute of Technology student. Winning the 2011 Shark Tank competition at RIT, Irish managed to get it named the Official App of RIT’s Department of Public Safety back in 2013.

Since then, Irish moved to Austin where he joined forces with the now CEO, Edmund Buckley. Together, they hope to get the app into as many colleges as possible to complement the installation of physical “Blue Lights” on college campuses.

Typically, every college/university has emergency distress stations across the entire campus, available for students in case of need, commonly known as blue lights.

With CampusSafe, every single smartphone on campus has the potential to become a “Blue Light” always at the disposal of both students and faculty.

The way the app works is by setting “geo-fences” around campus that connect to Google Maps and a central dispatching unit available to campus police updating in real time.


This way, any student/faculty in need can get in contact with the proper authorities, drastically minimizing the average response time.


While several competing apps are available, CampusSafe has remained RIT’s Official App for four years so far, with no malfunctions or disruptions to the service.

Interested colleges/universities can have a completely customized app experience, from branding to truly integrating with the institution’s information and services, much like at Rochester Institute of Technology.


CampusSafe as a whole is an extremely passionate organization. They truly believe in their ability to have a social impact on colleges/universities with the potential of saving lives and curbing crime, all through their quick emergency response systems.

We would like to express our most sincere gratitude to CampusSafe CEO Edmund Buckley for providing us with this opportunity for an interview.

For more information regarding CampusSafe, please contact them at or through social media on Facebook and Twitter.


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