Tonus PowerMAG Wireless Headphones Review


The introduction of the iPhone 7, along with the lack of a headphone jack, has greatly accelerated the need/development of many wireless headphones. Almost all major earphone manufacturers since then have put out at least one Wireless model in their current product lines to avoid from missing the Apple train this year. Alternatives to Apple products like AirPods and Beats are starting to become a dime-a-dozen, unfortunately sacrificing quality. With this in mind come Tonus Audio’s PowerMAG Wireless headphones which aim to be yet another alternative to already established competitors like Beats, Jaybird, and the Samsung Level lineup. Tonus Audio was very generous to provide their newly-released PowerMAGs for review consideration, and for the most part, we were mostly pleasantly surprised. Here’s our review of the Tonus PowerMAG Wireless headphones.



The PowerMAG headphones feature a design similar to that of the PowerBeats 2/3 with over the ear fins, as well as a slightly slanted design to better accomodate the natural resting of the earphones while they are in your ears.


Underneath the earphones are micro-USB for charging and atop are basic volume controls. Volume up/down double as forward/backward for skipping tracks, with a single press being forward/backward. This might come a drawback to some people since these are meant to be tailored for workout/active use and having to hold the controls to adjust volume can seem counter-intuitive at times.



One thing that really stood out during our review period were how comfortable the PowerMag Wireless were. The sillicone ear fins were extremely bendable, and even managed to achieve another level of comfort when compared to the Jaybird X2’s. Comfort is a really big plus for these earphones.

Sound quality also manage to make an impression when reviewing these earphones. While they are not audiophile quality by any means, they are far from the average in-the-box earphones. The sound is mainly well-balanced with a slight emphasis on bass.

The PowerMAG Wireless worked admirably as long as the battery was charged to full or medium capacity. Once their battery reached its low stages, a monotonous female voice makes these almost unusable until you charge them again, prompting a “Low Battery, Charge Now” message every 20 seconds.

Another important factor to note with these earphones is that they do not have power button. As the name implies, the PowerMAGs turn on/off as soon as the magnets on both headphones are separated. On several occasions, this was a very useful feature as simply separating the earphones (with Bluetooth already on on our smartphone), would automatically reconnect them to our device. This is probably as close as any manufacturer can get to effortless connecting without having to resort to Apple’s new W1 Chip that instantly recognizes the device being paired. On the other hand, and as no carrying case is provided, throwing these in a pocket or bag will likely end up separating the earphones and wasting precious battery since any slight misalignment will end up powering them on.



All in all, the Tonus PowerMAG Wireless are a good pair of wireless earphones. The extremely comfortable earfins coupled with their lightweight make them great for everyday/active/workout use. While the volume controls doubling up as forward/backward functions might not be dealbreakers, the lack of a power button might be to some people – especially to those that are used to throwing their earphones in their pocket, purse, or gym bag. Aside from these two things, the PowerMAG Wireless certainly can compete with Jaybird or Beats because of their good sound and great comfort.




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