The Problem with $750 Android Phones


HTC has just taken off the wraps of what many are calling a disaster (here, here, and here). But no Android manufacturer has ever managed to get anything right whenever they decided to launch a $700+ flagship smartphone.

You are not Apple.

Like mentioned already by The Verge, if you do not have your phone ready to be sold, DO NOT ANNOUNCE IT. With the New Year already off to a good start, there will be two kinds of Android smartphone manufacturers. Those who will play the Apple Card and get rid of the headphone jack for no reason, and those who will stand up proudly and say WE have a headphone jack. Everyone needs to stop trying to be Apple.

Cringe-worthy Marketing


Read the following and try not to feel akward.

Introducing HTC U Ultra. Made for the brilliant you

It reflects U

Beautiful with its sophisticated new liquid surface

It learns from U

Evolving as your companion, getting to know you better over time

It puts U on top

Convenient with a new Dual Display

It listens to U

Unique in adapting sound to your personal hearing

It captures the best U

Vivid light, color and detail with UltraPixel cameras front and back

Two examples might have been fine but the entire Press Release and early marketing shots already scream that “this is the phone for U”… No thanks.

Yesterday’s Specs

  • Android™ 7.0 with HTC Sense™
  • Qualcomm Snapdragon 821
  • Total storage: 64GB or 128GB
  • RAM: 4GB

This will be outdated in the coming months, and that is, assuming the HTC U Ultra suffers no delays whatsoever.

Unjustified High Price


Google’s Pixel (according to other Tech sites) has a great camera and software updates straight from Google. iPhones have great cameras too, as well as the latest iOS, a wide array of great apps, and countless third party accessories made for it. Samsung’s Galaxy lineup has the hip and trendy edge (thanks to great marketing), as well as one of the best cameras, and extensive lineup to cover all price points imaginable. On the other hand, what does any other manufacturer trying to charge $750 for their flagship have? HTC’s 10 was barely on anyone’s mind last year. OnePlus and other small manufacturers are already charging half the price for phone with similar specs.

If HTC (or anyone else) ever wants to get in the game, they need to urgently get back to the drawing board. They need to re-evaluate the company values, mission, and goals for making smartphones and work from the inside out. Going out and shoving the idea that people want their phone is, has not, and will never work for anyone.

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