Powramid® Air Power Center Charging Station Review


Power outlets are an essential part of our everyday lives. While they come in many sizes, colors, and shapes only a select few tend to feature a functional design. This is where cable company Accell comes in, who gladly sponsored this review by sending out their newest product, the Powramid Air Power Center and USB Charging Station. We took the charging station through the paces and were quite surprised with the advantages of its unique design. So without any further ado, let’s jump in with the Powramid’s uniqueness first.



While they are countless rectangular power outlets to choose from, Accell decided to tackle the one problem they all cannot seem to escape. That is, plugging irregular shaped connectors will always block another usable power outlet. The Powramid charging station, however, makes this a thing of the past with its circular shape and appropriately spaced and angled connections. Unlike average power outlets, the Powramid goes the extra mile and provides surge protection for an extra piece of mind when charging your gadgets and other appliances. Another great touch is that it will definitely not have you guessing whether or not surge protection is on, as the LED power indicator will turn blue once the protection is activated. This LED indicator strikes a good balance between not being blindly bright in dark situations, but being lit enough as to always let you know when it is on.


The star of the show, however, has to go to the centered On/Off switch as it is easy to see and press thanks to its size. Something else to note is that pressing the On/Off switch will not send your charging station sliding across your table or desk as it is equipped with rubber feet to prevent it from moving.


As if this were not enough, two full-sized 2.4A USB connectors are always ready for all of your power hungry smartphones and tablets making sure they are charged as fast as possible, again with the same surge protection as every single one of the six plugs on the Powramid.


The Powramid charging station is even equipped to cut power to any outlet that is not under surge protection to prevent from any damages to itself and your devices.



If you’re tired of buying 6-outlet power adapters only to have your laptop or gaming console’s power brick block 2 or 3 outlets, the Powramid Charging Station is definitely for you. Its unique and functional design will solve all of your overlapping-connector problems, and will even save you at least two outlets because of its USB charging connectors. As an overall product, the Powramid Charging Station is greatly built, carefully thought out, and functionally among the best power outlet solutions you can get for any home or office.


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