Kamerar Zoom Lens Kit for iPhone 7 Plus Review

The iPhone 7 Plus’ camera is already one of the best in any smartphone, and ever since the iPhone 5s, third party manufacturers have always strived to make it even better. With this in mind comes a nifty lens kit from Kamerar, which aims to take your smartphone to a whole new level. While the idea is not new (see our Imvio Kit + Lenses Review), Kamerar boasts it is the first ever Dual Optics Lens Solution because it has been the first to bring the product to the market. First spotted on The Verge, we decided to go ahead and purchase the Lens kit for the introductory discounted price of about $32 (originally $45) and take it through the paces. Being their first entry to the iPhone Lens Kit market, we were quite impressed with our purchase.




Kamerar takes a page from Imvio’s book, and decides to bundle their lenses along with a plastic case for easier carrying. This Zoom Lens Kit contains the case for your iPhone 7 Plus, a fisheye/telephoto lens, and a Macro Zoom lens each stored separately in their own labeled plastic box. The Kamerar iPhone case is among one of the best fitting cases you will be able to find for your iPhone 7 Plus. The buttons are clicky and have just the right amount of travel on both sides. The back of the case features a disco-ball-like pattern that is definitely an eye catcher on its own. Right underneath the iPhone’s cameras is the clipping/storage mechanism that both lenses use to attach to the iPhone. This gives the case the awesome benefit of being able to store your favorite lens underneath the cameras for quick access. This is great in terms of portability because it will mean that there is one less thing to carry around, and overall improves your shooting experience as your preferred lens is only a slide up away.

Both lenses feature a slide in mechanism onto the case which means there is no clipping or screwing on lenses when taking a photograph. The only downside to this awesomely engineered mechanism is the sliders on the case give way for dirt to accumulate underneath the case. While this by no means is a deal breaker, Jet Black iPhone owners might want to take note here as even the most minuscule amount of dirt can ruin the beautiful finish on the back of the device. All other iPhone owners have nothing to worry about, as this is the best way to always have either lenses with you at all times.


Fisheye/ Telephoto Lens

If you thought the optical zoom was great, using the telephoto lens will, unquestionably, make you drool over this year’s iPhone cameras. While zooming in at its maximum setting will definitely bring in grainy images, the amount of extra zoom the lenses brings to the table is extraordinary. On the other hand, the weakest of the two lenses would definitely have to be the fisheye. While the effect is the desired one, be prepared to have black borders around all your fisheye images. While the demo video clearly points out that zooming in will get rid of the borders, that is something that is not necessarily common knowledge as the kit provides no instructions on paper nor online (aside from the promo video).

Macro Zoom

The zoom lens performs admirably for both lenses on the iPhone 7 Plus. The lens does a good job of blurring the background and letting the iPhone know what really is the subject, and the amount of detail and magnification the zoom lens provides is like no other. The zoom lens does an amazing job letting the details on small objects shine.



For those that would like to take their iPhoneography game to the next level, the Kamerar Dual Lens Kit is definitely going to come under your radar as it is among the first to take advantage of the dual camera features on the iPhone 7 Plus. While both lenses are great performers, $45 seems like a steep price to pay for an accessory that will certainly become a thing of the past once the new iPhones are announced. Not to mention, other alternatives from companies like Aukey are a fraction of the price while maintaining themselves universal. On the other hand, at the discounted price that we paid for, the kit seems to be sitting at a sweet spot of not being too pricey nor too cheap to affect the overall quality. If you value portability, want a great fitting case, and would like to have an always-on-you iPhone lens to spice up your Instagram game, this kit is certainly for you. However, if you have never tried iPhone lenses, and are looking for your first pair, you might want to look elsewhere as there are cheaper, great alternatives that might be able to withstand your smartphone upgrades yet to come.

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