MOS Pack Review

Backpacks come in all shapes and sizes. Some have tried to appeal to gadget and tech enthusiast bundling things like rechargeable batteries and speakers, but they always have a drawback. If there is anything that many tech enthusiast have in common is a liking for extremely clean cable management and functional design. This is where the MOS Pack comes in. The awesome people over at Sewell Direct were kind enough to send one out for us to review, so jump ahead and see what we found!



Several highlights of the MOS Pack are in its design. On the outside, it has a very minimalist and clean backpack design. There is nothing to signify that it might be full of expensive tech, which is always a good thing. It is available in three different colors which are Onyx, Slate, and Granite to better suit your style.



Moving on to the inside, is where all the magic happens. The MOS Pack is made up of two main pockets. One of them in the front of the backpack deemed the Utility Pocket and the Main Pocket which is housed underneath the Utility pocket.

The Utility pocket is made to hold regular, essential items you might need fast access to such as pens, pencils, your smartphone, and a passport or passport-sized notebook. Within this same pocket is a water-resistant Water Bottle pocket which houses the bottle inside the backpack instead of on the outside. In this front pocket, there is a cable pass-through which can be used to charge any smartphone already in the smartphone pocket.


This same structure carries on to the MOS Pack’s Main Pocket which has 4 cable management clip-on straps and 2 cable management sleeves that route chargers to the laptop and tablet sleeves.  The bottom of the device, however, is what sets it apart from the rest.dsc_0725

At the very bottom of the backpack lives the Reach Charger, which is a small magnetic power brick that features two USB Ports and a full size wall charger plug. Magnets at the bottom of the MOS Pack helps keep it in place, and the plug goes in its own dedicated compartment opposite of the water bottle.dsc_0719

By doing this, you can keep a laptop and two other gadgets always ready to be charged with a single plug. Besides the added simplicity, this is also extremely helpful when traveling since all your devices can stay in the MOS Pack and charge without having to take them all out at once.


Another great thing about the MOS Pack is that any light drizzle will not harm all of your tech. During our tests, the MOS Pack was able to keep all our gadgets dry despite walking in a light drizzle for about 15 minutes. If you want to go the extra mile (and for more peace of mind), an extra $10 will get you the MOS Pack Rain Cover made out of Waterproof Nylon.



The MOS Pack positions itself as a very promising product. Ingenious cable management and the promise of being the ultimate tech travel companion are two tough categories on their own, but the MOS Pack wants to take on both – and it does. We were very pleased with it, and it does accomplish everything that it promises. The cable management idea is flawless, the compartments are useful for many tech gadgets, and charging three devices with a single plug now seems like a no-brainer. Based on these efforts, we have decided to award it with our Seal of Approval as it is a great product for the frequent Tech traveler and anyone who likes to keep their gadgets charged at all times to be ready at a moment’s notice.


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