iDockAll 2 now on Kickstarter!


If you happen to be on the lookout for a smartphone/tablet dock, the iDockAll 2 from WipLabs should definitely be on your radar. Like mentioned in our original review of the iDockAll, the dock is a great way to display those beautiful iPhone/iPads and, of course, Android users are not left behind either!


Sporting this new design, the iDockAll 2 seems to fix the original cable issue present in the original dock. While the cable fitting could have been easily fixed (by buying official Apple Lightning Cables), the small annoyance of having the cable pull up along with your smartphone when undocking was till there.

Overall, this new design looks very promising and we are sure to have a full review upon release, as well as a side-by-side comparison of both docks very soon!

If you feel like this dock is for you, the Early Bird iDockAll 2 Access is only $29 on Kickstarter with over $6,000 already pledged. You can back the guys over at WipLabs with this link.

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