Jet Black and the Unicorn 256 GB iPhone 

With Apple’s iPhone launch month coming to an end, many tech reviewers have begun to receive their much anticipated Jet Black 7 Plus iPhones. This, however, is a very great example why Apple is a marketing genius. No other company has ever managed to get so much success out of a product launch ever. While this might sound bias and over exaggerated, let’s analyze what Apple has done with the launch of the iPhone 7, and why the iPhone 7 Plus in 256GB has been compared to seeing/having a unicorn in real life.

1. iPhone 7 Plus is the smartphone to get

First and foremost, Apple made the distinction this year that the iPhone 7 Plus is their best smartphone. Unlike last year, there is a real reason as to why the 7 Plus is their best smartphone. It is the only one to offer the double camera setup. Last year and the year before it, the only difference between the two was Optical Image Stabilization and that was not something people could see on the outside. This year, everything has changed.

2. Jet Black Exclusive Finish

Many people buy iPhones every year. Most do it mainly because they want the latest and greatest, some have been waiting for the “S” year to pass, and others have been holding off for a couple generations simply because their current phone still does the job for them. The point is, no matter what any analyst, news media, or or any other individual says, people still buy iPhones. As a result, it is no surprise that the most valuable company in the world knows how to make people buy their smartphones. For this iPhone generation, Apple clearly was trying to make the Jet Black variant of their new smartphone exclusive. More importantly, it was trying to do this only to the iPhone 7 Plus. This is why you cannot buy a Jet Black variant in 32GB. It is the ultimate definition of exclusivity. It screams attention with the glossy finish, and even in the ultra rare Black packaging. All of this is even without mentioning the price tag, and the fact that only Apple can sell them.

3. Apple releases “Out of Stock” statement

This is, by far, the most important part of the entire picture. With only one day to go for the new iPhone to launch, Apple went ahead and released a statement warning customers that there was no Jet Black iPhone 7 Plus units in stores — anywhere. For all other previous launches, getting that brand new 6 Plus, Gold, or Rose Gold variants meant alot of sacrifices, but they would come with the satisfaction of being first (much like it did with the original iPhone back in 2007). This year, however, Apple basically said don’t even try.

4. No Jet Black iPhone 7 Plus Anywhere

Last but not least, and going hand in hand with the previous point, how many people would have to order an iPhone 7 Plus in Jet Black for Apple to be so backlogged and have shipping dates in November and even December. Furthermore, Apple’s statement came with the fact that there was no Jet Black units anywhere. Let that sink in for a little bit.

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