iPhone 7 Plus Cases You Can Buy Now

Getting that shiny new iPhone 7 (especially if you were lucky/brave enough to get the Jet Black version) this Friday means that you definitely want to buy a case before anything can happen to it. Fortunately, OtterBox already has several different types of cases that can protect your new iPhone 7.

Defender Series

Offering full protection for you iPhone, the Defender series offers a full enclosure for you iPhone to safeguard it from drops, scratches, and dust. It is available for $59.95 and you can even build your own color combination

Symmetry Series

If you, however, do not want to make you iPhone feel bulkier, the Symmetry line of cases also provides similar protection in a sleeker profile. It is available for $49.95 and comes in 5 different colors to choose from.

Commuter Series

Moreover, if you’d like the best of both worlds, the Commuter Series offers a similar design to the Defender with the sleekness of the Symmetry Series. It is available for $49.95 as well and you can also design one yourself.





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