This year’s iPhone launch is confusing

As many tech and Apple enthusiast did yesterday, I was up at 2:30 a.m. trying to get my hands on a shiny, new, Jet Black iPhone 7 Plus, hopefully on launch date. This year, however, is the year Apple overly complicated almost everything.


While the 7 Plus was my preferred one since the start, for anyone just getting their first iPhone, the decision can still be tough. How can you choose the 7 if clearly the top-of-the-line iPhone is the 7 Plus? This is even without getting really into the details like screen resolution, battery life, RAM, etc. Unfortunately, issues like these do not stop here.


When pre-ordering the iPhone 7, and after selecting your model, the carrier selection has become even more of a hassle. On both launch dates with the iPhone 6 & 6s, it was a shared secret that paying full retail for a “T-Mobile” iPhone will get you an unlocked unit.


This year, however, there is no such thing. If you buy a T-Mobile iPhone this year, it will only work on GSM networks, and even though it is “Unlocked”, it will not work with Verizon or Sprint. On the other hand, an iPhone from Verizon or Sprint seems to be the only true Unlocked one as it can go back and forth between all U.S. carriers. To make things even worse, Apple now requires carrier info in order to even sell you an iPhone 7. There appears to be no purpose for this requirement as the Apple websites states they will not do anything to the iPhone until you activate it upon arrival.


This probably cause some people to lose time by having yet another thing to enter when purchasing, probably pushing their iPhone arrival until October and even November.



With all this in mind, nothing has stopped people from buying the new iPhones. I know I did. Unfortunately, its not due to arrive till November, but then again its a 256GB Jet Black iPhone. While it might be a scratch/fingerprint magnet, it will probably be what the Gold and Rose Gold colored options where when they were all introduced.

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