Imvio Kit: Case + Lenses Review

The iPhone’s camera has always been among the best. With the improvements brought into it with the iPhone 5s, everyone can now simply snap a picture and go. Apple has even made a commercial around it saying how their iPhone camera’s are among the most used in the world. But as humans, we always want more,  something bigger, badder and better. This is exactly where products like Imvio come into place. They are detachable iPhone lenses that promise to push the boundaries of the iPhone’s camera to help you create something amazing. With this philosophy in mind, we took the Imvio Kit out into the world with our iPhone 6 Plus, below is our full review.


The Imvio Kit comes with several things in the box. They are all designed to have you up and running in no time. The case for the iPhone features a screwing mechanism that will help the lenses attach to the back of the case. Along with the case come the two lenses (Wide Angle and Fisheye) as well as a carabiner keychain lens case that will help you have your lenses at all times.



The phone case itself is made of a hard plastic with a carbon fiber diagonal strip stretching all along width of the case. As a result, it has an extremely good feel in the hand. It is very easy to take on and off, and overall seems durable.



Moving on to the lens case, and like mentioned before, the clip allows the lens to be clipped onto things like a backpack, belt loop, or keys so they will always be ready at a moments notice. The carabiner itself looks like it can do the job, but the latch felt extremely cheap. As for the case, it features a similar texture to the back of the phone case, except it does not have the typical lines carbon fiber does. Inside the lens case is hard foam padding that help the lenses stay in place, as well as, protect them from scratching. The lock mechanism of the lens case feels great and like it would almost be impossible for them to simply open by accident.



Both lens feature a metallic funnel-like design that help them screw onto the case easily with their respective names on each lens as well as the Imvio logo.

While the screw-on-lens is a great approach to smartphone lenses, the case does tend to trap more debris and dirt near the camera.


Sample Pictures

Wide Angle Lens

Fisheye Lens


All in all, the Imvio lenses do accomplish what they set out to do – to an extent. Both fisheye and wide angle lenses do enhance the iPhone’s stock camera. Something to note, however, is that there will be some grain/distortion in the final images towards the edges when using the fisheye lens. Furthermore, the “black border effect” can also be seen in several occasions when using this same lens. In addition to this, after several day-after-day use for an extended amount of time, we did notice the carbon fiber edges of the case start to show signs of use like scuffs and scratches. These lenses are great for sharing images on social media, as well as spicing up your photos from time to time. It sounds best when considered as a gift/novelty than something that could be used professionally (although with several sacrifices it can be pulled off). If the idea of getting the most out of your iPhone camera (with some sacrifices) sounds like you, this Imvio Kit will certainly do the job.


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