Apple’s Critical iOS Update 9.3.5

Yesterday Apple released an update to iOS 9 that could be its most important yet. The update patches a vulnerability that would allow anyone to remotely hijack any iOS device.

This update was available to the public within a day of being discovered by Citizen Lab and Lookout Security after UAE Human Rights Defender, Ahmed Mansoor, was targeted with the exploit. The plan of attack for the exploit was rather simple. It only relied on Mansoor clicking the link he received through a text message. Upon doing so, his iPhone would have been remotely hijacked, and fall prey to countless malware and spyware, according to Citizen Lab. The exploit would have been capable of finding Mansoor through his iPhone’s GPS, turned on his camera and microphones, and had access to many (if not all) of his communications (text, calls, chat apps, etc.). While it is not the first time Mansoor is targeted with these types of attacks, the simplicity of the attempt is extremely alarming.

While it is somewhat unlikely for the average person to be targeted with such an elaborate and costly exploit, the issue remains. We advise everyone to update their iOS devices as soon as possible in order to be protected against attacks like these.

For more info, please visit Citizen Lab’s article detailing the issue more in depth here.


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