Top 7 iOS Virtual Reality Apps

Our most read article, The Oracle Hype VR Headset Review, shows how easy it is to get a taste of Virtual Reality for $20. As a follow up, we decided to save our readers the digging and outline some of the better apps available on iOS for VR Headset. While the selection is pretty limited, keep in mind that these apps are only the first of many to come. 

  1. Neon Pipe VR 


A simple, endless runner (similar to Subway Surfers or Temple Run) that uses VR to dodge obstacles.

  1. In Mind

screen640x640 (1)

Similar to Neon Pipe VR, this shooter takes you into a patient’s brain to destroy neurons that cause mental disorder.

  1. In Cell

screen640x640 (2)

From the makers of In Mind, this endless runner takes you into the micro world of a human cell.

  1. Sisters

screen640x640 (3)

Although the game can be a bit short, it truly is an immersive VR experience – especially if used with headphones.

  1. Roller Coaster VR

screen640x640 (4)

More like a sit-back-and-relax-app, Roller Coaster VR does just that. While it can feel short, the experience is what truly counts.

  1. Final Kick VR

screen640x640 (5)

Similar to a FIFA mini game, Final Kick VR takes you into the pitch and into shooting free kicks.

  1. Zombie Shooter VR

screen640x640 (6)

While a trial version of the paid game, Zombie Shooter VR gets anyone shooting zombies in no time.

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