Hype Oracle VR Headset Review


With every major manufacturer putting out their Virtual Reality headset to the public, it was only a matter of time before other companies started following suit. Samsung’s Gear VR, Google’s Cardboard, and even OnePlus giving away their own VR headset has brought the first of many VR apps to Apple and Android’s App Stores. But just how good can a $20 VR headset can be? Head past the break to find out more. 


For a relatively cheap price, the Oracle headset offers quite an amount of features when compared to other more premium headsets.  For instance, it features an elastic headstrap and surprisingly comfortable memory foam padding around the viewer.


On top of the viewer are two adjustment options. One is to adjust the focal point and the other is to adjust the lens distance inside the viewer.


Moreover, on the front of the device is sliding door that will allow camera-enabled VR apps to work as well. On the side of the headset, there is a plastic device cartridge that holds the compatible device with openings on both sides in order to allow  earphone use.


The Oracle VR headset is compatible with both iOS and Android holding devices up to 3.9” wide and 6” high.




Overall, the Oracle VR headset isn’t perfect. The device cartridge could be improved in order to better protection your precious smartphone to avoid scratches, and the lack of buttons to control some VR apps makes the device almost unusable (for those apps). On the other hand though, hands-free games ran smoothly and accuracy was not a problem for the headset. While there are better and more expensive VR headsets, the Oracle VR headset from Hype is a great way to dive into the first wave of virtual reality apps and games – and for $20, what more could you ask for?

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    1. Good afternoon Mr. Habib,
      While we could not be more than happy to have your article link back to our website, I have to point out something. Your article refers to Oracle & Sun Micro system Companies. Our product review (and to my knowledge the product itself) has no affiliation with either companies in your article. We just wanted to make sure you were aware of the fact to avoid confusion some of your readers might have if they were to reach our website.


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