GateKeeper 2.0 Review

After a hectic couple weeks, we are back with a very interesting product. Privacy is all the rage nowadays as we protect all our our digital lives behind a fingerprint or simple password. But what if we could somehow have a physical key? This is why, Untethered Labs decided to send us their latest product, the GateKeeper 2.0. In essence, what it does is seemlesly lock and unlock your computer (PC or Mac) only when the key is present. The question, however, remains – Does it work? Read on to find out our thoughts.


The GateKeeper’s design is very minimalistic. The box comes with a lanyard, a CR2032H battery, USB dongle, and double-sided keyring. The GateKeeper is covered in a soft-touch rubber material, while the dongle is small and easily gets out of the way when plugged into any desktop or laptop.

Setting Up

Once out of the box, setting up the GateKeeper is very simple and straightforward. In order to communicate with the GateKeeper, the correct software needs to be installed on the computer that it is gonna be used with (either PC or Mac).

Gatekeeper 6


After this, simply plug in the USB dongle and the GateKeeper will beep to confirm the successful pairing.

Gatekeeper 3

Gatekeeper 2

After pairing the GateKeeper, the computer will automatically lock and unlock based on proximity.


In addition to simply lock and unlocking a computer based on proximity, the GateKeeper also offers other ways in order to offer more security, among these are:

  • Touching to Login (Touch the GateKeeper and USB Dongle to unlock the computer)
  • Login using GateKeeper and PIN (Requires both the GateKeeper and password/pin in order to log in.
  • Lock Range (Allows the user determine how far/close the GateKeeper has to be to lock/unlock the computer)
  • Smartphone App (Pairing the GateKeeper with an iOS or Android smartphone allows the user to locate the GateKeeper)


All in all, the GateKeeper has one job. Its purpose is to give anyone who needs to add an extra layer of security to their setup, and it does. It provides a simple, no-frills experience for people who prefer Plug & Play, but also provides more advanced settings for those that want to fine tune the GateKeeper’s capabilities.




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