WipLabs iDockAll Lightning Review


The perfect setup cannot be complete without an iPhone dock that elegantly displays the device’s great design. Just like the iPhone, the dock should be crafted with the same precision and attention to detail to complement the device. This past week, we were very fortunate enough to receive the iDockAll Lightning Dock for review from the guys over at Wiplabs, but did it check all our boxes? Head on below and see what we found.


The iDockAll Lightning’s design is noteworthy for several reasons. The first is that the Aluminum Grey version we received (also available in Matte Black) was spot on matching with our Space Grey iPhone 6 Plus. Furthermore, the dock’s weight and angle prevent any accidents that might happen to your device in case it where to be setup in something like a nightstand. The rubberized material in the bottom of the dock prevents it from sliding on tables or other surfaces, while those in the device cradle prevent any scratching to the device itself. The unboxing experience and minimalistic packaging all scream quality, and are akin to those of unboxing an iPhone 6/6 Plus.

Setting up

Setting up the iDockAll Lightning is very straightforward, and does not require any assembly at all. Near the middle of the dock is a small opening through where the Lightning cable pokes out and into the surface of the dock while also running through the back of the dock to accomodate the Lightning Cable. No caps or pieces need to be taken off in order to get the cable through the dock. Something to note, however, is that the dock supports only the official Apple Lightning Cable and others with the same dimensions because of the way the Dock is designed. We tried a Lightning Cable from Belkin, and it would not sit the same way our official Apple Lightning  Cable did.


While typically associated with an iPhone, the iDockAll Lightning Dock is compatible with any device (hence the name) that charges via Apple’s Lightning Port.  We tested this and saw no problem having the dock charge an iPad Air 2. Many docks can hold up an iPhone while it charges, but only a select few can also handle a full size iPad.


Overall, the iDockAll Lightning Dock from WipLabs is a great dock that can enhance the look of any desk while it charges any of your devices. Our Aluminum Grey dock has no trouble matching any iMac, Macbook Air, or Mac Pro in terms of appearance, and the build quality is designed to protect your device. While not every cable can be used with the dock, using the Official Apple Lightning Cable (or something similar) can ensure that charging with a case on will not be a problem as it sometimes is with cables that are thicker on the Lightning Connector’s side.

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