RAVPower 16750mAh Deluxe Portable Charger


This week, I was fortunate enough to get my hands on yet another product from the awesome guys over at RavPower. They are the first company that actually engage with their clients through social media, both for support and for things like announcements, among other things. Without any further ado, here is what we thought of the RavPower 16,750mAh Deluxe Portable Charger.  


Before even talking about charging, the power bank (like other products we’ve bought from RavPower), feature an extremely clean design. A silver band surrounds the power bank giving it a very clean look overall. On the top, sits the RavPower logo along with the logo for what they call iSmart Technology. Moving further down the device is the device’s Power Button, and below it is the 4 LED Blue battery life indicator. The weight of the powerbank compliments the device’s look and feel overall.

Ports & Charging

Moving onto to charging, the powerbank features 2 USB ports for charging other devices and a Micro USB to charge the battery itself. One of the ports is rated at an output of 2.4 amps while the other is at 2.1 amps. Both feature the company’s iSmart Technology which automatically detects the device and adjusts the charge accordingly. Another feature of the powerbank is that it also features safety protection against short-circuits and overload current output, shutting down to prevent any damages to any devices charging. With a capacity of over 16,000 mAh, RavPower claims they can charge an iPhone 6 up to 6 times, a Galaxy S6 approximately 4 times, and an iPad Air once. In terms of speed, in our tests charging an iPhone 6 Plus, the phone did charge significantly faster than other powerbanks, almost at the same speed it would charge as if plugged to a wall outlet using Apple’s 10W iPad charger (which outputs 2.1 amps).



Overall, and like RavPower’s other products, this powerbank does not disappoint. It stays true to all of the company’s claims, and does adjust charging speed according to the device. The powerbank is very clean and well-built in terms of design, and the weight provides a good feeling in the hand.




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