iOS 10: The Redesigned Music App


A day after Apple’s WWDC 16, we decided to install iOS 10 Beta 1 on an iPad Air 2 to see just really how good the Music App’s redesign really was. As regular users of the app, we can say that it indeed needed a fresh start. The entire navigation on the current Music app seems somewhat cumbersome and selecting a specific song from the Artists view is always a dread. While this is only the first beta, the app already seems much improved when it comes to navigation.After spending quite some time with it, here is what we found out.

Music on the Lockscreen


The lockscreen has been completely redesigned now sporting a very minimal look. The playback controls have been spaced out significantly, and both playback and volume bars run, almost, across the entire screen.

Music in Control Center


A big highlight in Apple’s keynote was the focus that the entire OS had on music. So much that it now had its own place in Control Center. In iOS 10, swipping up and left from control center will reveal music controls complete with a side panel on what devices are connected.

Side Panels


Once inside the Music App, much of the navigation will be done through a side-by-side pane (at least on the iPad) much like how iTunes works now.

Here is another example of how the app looks in landscape mode.


Overall, the Music App’s much-needed fresh coat of paint is coming this fall. With this iteration, Apple seems to be focusing more on the music and actually listening to it than anything else. The iconic emphasis on album art is back and we could have not been more pleased.




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