First Impressions: OnePlus 3


Today OnePlus took VR to take the wraps off their new OnePlus 3 smartphone. Stealing the show from yesterday’s WWDC 16, the company has opened up orders for the new device, and from first impressions, it looks to blow all other flagships out of the water -even if just spec wise. Initial reviews of the device seems to be extremely positive, and these are some of the things that stood out for us. 

OnePlus 3

The main features of the OnePlus 3 are Battery, Power, Camera, and RAM according to the device’s product page. In terms of design, it is a combination of an iPhone, HTC’s antenna lines and back, and a protruding camera bump – something initial reviewers describe as boring. But design aside, the OnePlus 3 looks to be a great contender. Like MKBHD said in his review, many of the components of the phone are not a gamble on anything and OnePlus seems to be sticking with what works. What is really intriguing at this point is the whooping 6GB of RAM, and how it positions it in the performance department against all other flagships. Also of note is the company’s dash charging which seems to get the device at 60% in about half an hour. The only downside at this point for this device seems to be the lack of expandable storage. Something many companies have brought back to their devices this year. Overall, the OnePlus 3 really shows how OnePlus can really set the bar high in terms of quality and design, regardless of price.


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