First Impressions: WWDC 16

Apple this week is holding their annual Worldwide Developers Conference in San Francisco. Today’s kickoff keynote was filled with many notable additions coming to all of the companies 4 platforms: iOS, watchOS, macOS, and tvOS. Here are our first impressions of everything that Tim Cook and company presented today. 

Apple Apps + Developers


Apple seems to be opening alot of its doors to developers when all updates to their platforms arrive this fall. Many of their core apps are now open to developers to integrate third-party functionality. Messages, Siri, Maps, Activity, Apple Pay are all now available to developers. Because of this, many users will never have to leave Apple’s own apps to do things like book a restaurant, pay using Apple pay, use stickers on iMessage, etc. Essentially, this lets all apps communicate better with each other so people can do things faster.

watchOS 3


The Apple Watch seems to be getting a significant upgrade through watchOS 3. Mainly, it will have it perform similar to other iOS devices like swiping up for control center, down for notifications, and what was once the Contacts button will now  be used to reveal a dock of favorite/open apps. The dock will show apps in real-time and they will run in the background to siginificantly improve the time it takes to start them up now with watchOS 2. This update might be what pushes even more people to get an Apple Watch, and fix many of the burdens that initial reviews had with the device.



Even though it seems minor, the Apple TV is getting more content than ever, and all the minor issues with it are being ironed out. The Apple TV can now be controlled through an iPhone, it has a new Dark Mode, works with HomeKit, and most importantly, you sign in once and it will take care of all other sign-ins for apps that ask for a TV provider.



OS X is now macOS in order to better align with the company’s naming schemes. Siri is now available on the Mac, and continuity is getting better. The Mac will now be able to auto-unlock itself by detecting other iOS devices near that can authenticate the user, and there will be a cross-device copy and paste function for all iOS devices. Moreover, the new theme for this version of Apple’s operating system is Sierra.

Overall, Apple seems to be really opening up to third-party developers so they can join in on everything Apple has to offer. The future seems extremely bright where the company’s software optimizations and the ability of apps to better communicate with each other will all make these updates shine.


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