Why the Apple Watch Already Won


Ever since its arrival, people have been fast to say how the Apple Watch is doomed. Many reviewers and tech enthusiast highlighted how everything felt half-baked and how apps we not even natively running on the Watch, but the iPhone in their pockets. Others were fast to say how the Watch itself is a good idea, just not a good one enough to spend upwards of $350 for. While all these ideas are all right in their respective points of view, they all miss the point on what the Apple Watch is, and how Apple has been positioning it thus far. Almost a year later, these are the main reasons why the Apple Watch has already won the smartwatch race, just like it did with the iPhone. 

Nobody wants to miss the Apple train this time around


Third-Party manufacturers, along with many other industry leaders, do not want to be the ones who ignore Apple now and regret it later. Like with the iPhone, many people at first did not believe in what Apple was doing at the time. As a result, once the iPhone became a success, many companies had to deal with the bittersweet regret of not having backed Apple since day one. Even before the introduction of Apple Pay, Apple already had many banks aboard their program. Furthermore, third-party manufacturers also want to be among the first to get their hands on any new Apple products so they are among the first to bring accessories for it to the market.

This is a major reason why the Apple Watch is already a success. Third-party companies already have put-out screen protectors, cases, bands, docks, and many other accessories that complement the Apple Watch. As it has been the case with other products, third-party involvement can make or break a product. This is a major advantage Apple has always had over its competitors. Now, more than ever, no company wants to be the one left behind whenever Apple releases something as big as the Apple Watch.

Buying an Apple Watch is an experience


Another reason why the Apple Watch has been successful is because it is an entirely different experience. Any modern marketing book nowadays will exemplify how customer service is everything, and Apple has gone above and beyond this simple statement. Apple’s original vision for the Watch was to have it be sold in luxury partner stores, emulating the experience of buying a luxury watch. Everything about the buying experience would center around the fit and feel of actually getting the Watch to the customer’s wrist. This is why there are many band material options, colors, and types of the Watch itself. Many people were fast to say how Apple had a very confusing set of choices to get an Apple Watch, but that was not the point. Purchasing an Apple Watch is all about the experience of trying out many different types of bands in order to match the customer’s needs. Luxury brands, like Coach and Hermès, have already jumped on the Apple Watch bandwagon because they are a huge part of the entire experience, and because they are going to be like what case manufacturers now are for the iPhone.

The Apple Watch is meant to be shown off (and it is)


Looking around any room full of people now, it would be very hard to not see someone with an Apple Watch on their wrist. Because of the brand power Apple has acquired over the years, the Watch is among the easiest product that can be shown off, both in pictures and in-person. Simply searching on Instagram the hashtag Apple Watch yields 670,284 posts of people showcasing their brand new device. Unlike other smartwatches, people actually want to be seen wearing an Apple Watch. This goes as far as seeing one in person, where it used to be (and still is) a conversation starter for others who notice it.

All in all, the Apple Watch is set for success. Coupling Apple’s ability for software and hardware optimization, it should not be long before people realize why they need one in their life. Apple has been on this road path before with the iPod, iPhone, and iPad so now it is just a matter of time for them to change the game yet again.


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