AfterHype – The Pebble Classic Review


Wearables are all the hype nowadays. As a skeptic, it is hard to believe why this category seems to be the next big thing in consumer electronics. With only two days with the original Pebble smartwatch, everything instantly clicked.

Like the iPhone 6 Plus, this review of the Pebble is to analyze how it has kept up with the times, whether for the good or bad. Fortunately though, the Pebble has managed to age magnificently, and it has opened my eyes as to why someone would need a smartwatch.

First and foremost, this specific model, does not provide any health tracking, nor step counting. It simply serves as being a notification center on your wrist. Texts get pushed instantaneously from my iPhone 6 Plus, as well as calls, Twitter, Facebook, Sunrise, and Instagram notifications, among many more. The ability to program both up and down buttons on the side of the watch is truly an extraordinary feature. Music control playback on its own was a good enough feature to convince me I needed the Pebble because all of the countless times that came to mind when I had thought about reaching my phone while driving, just to skip a track.

A Notification Center on your Wrist.

Given the fact that my phone is always on silent because of work and being in class, the Pebble’s vibrations on my wrist let me know of everything that is going on, and, ultimately, let me decide if they are worthy of my immediate attention. The Pebble also now lets you reply on iOS with canned responses, but the feature is not compatible with Pre-paid phone plans, thus ruining that part of my experience (yes my iPhone is Pre-Paid, more of a Phone-when-I-need-it, iPod-like-for-everything-else device). Another thing that many companies need to emulate better is updating their devices. The original Pebble has been updated to their new Timeline interface of newer models, and as a result, it feels relatively new. It is not, by any means, slower or lacking features it originally had on launch.

Much like many of the first side effects that other smartwatch users tend to point out, I now dig my phone out of my pocket less times. Even though this might sound like a bad thing, a smartwatch helps someone realize that not everything is important whenever their smartphone vibrates. I have scoffed at the never-ending Twitter notifications I get concerning internet deals and quickly dismissed them from my watch, whereas without it, I would have taken my phone out and read each one, word-by-word, simply to end up ignoring them.

Not everything is important whenever their smartphone vibrates.

A smartwatch, at least this one for me, is a great time-saver. I can continue living more of my life by not getting excited every time my smartphone vibrates and quickly pulling it out to see. Up until this point, I can see why Apple dares to call it their most personal device yet. It will quickly grow on you once you see all the benefits of having one, and it allows you to do many things quicker and more efficiently by not having to constantly be glued to your smartphone.


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