The RAVPower FileHub Plus



Tablets and smartphones are great when it comes to consuming media. It’s always great to sit back, relax, and watch a good movie or two during a long trip or flight. If only our devices were not limited by storage capacities. Movies typically tend to be heavy, and devices with 64GB of storage typically do not tend to hold more than one or two. This was a dilemma that did not seem to have a solution until companies started bring out connected flash drives like the Sandisk Connect. Fortunately, there is another gadget that does essentially the same thing at a fraction of the price, and even comes with some future-proofing features. 

This gadget is the RAVPower FileHub Plus. It is essentially a 3-in-1 gadget aimed at travel and mobility. First, it is a media streamer with the ability to read both SD cards as well as external hard drives (up to 4TB!) through a 3.0 USB port. It can also serve as a personal wireless router when connected with an Ethernet cable, and lastly, it can also turn into a power bank for any emergency charges with a capacity of 6000mAh. It features 4 LED lights in order to show the charge when using it as a power bank, as well as to indicate powering both on and off. Another set of lights lets the user know that the Wi-Fi connection has been activated and can now be picked up by your device.

Streaming from a Toshiba Canvio 500GB hard drive showed no problems nor lag when the device cache was set to 2GBs. Like all other connected hard drives, the Filehub requires an app (iOS or Android) to access all the media on either the SD card or hard drive with the ability to password protect the connection. The ability to also be a power bank has saved me when all my other power banks have given out or I have forgotten to charge them. Even though I have yet to test the router functionality, I have no doubt that it will work as expected. With a price tag of about $40, the FileHub is a no-brainer when looking for a mobile media streamer especially because as storage get cheaper, hard drives with sizes of 4TB will eventually become more available to more people. For comparison, a Sandisk connected Flash Drive with 200GB is currently $120 on Amazon, sometimes dipping below $90, but the Filehub offers additional features for less than half the price.

“Additional features for less than half the price.”

Overall, having incorporated the Filehub into my travel bag as a gadget to never leave home without, it has given me a piece of mind that all my movies, music, and files can come to life with the touch of a button.


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