AfterHype – The iPhone 6 Plus


It has been almost two years since Apple decided to bring a bigger smartphone to the market. Like I had mentioned before in another article, I was one of its early adopters. I could not wait longer to get my hands on a bigger iPhone, and so I decided to go all out and get the 128GB Space Grey version Unlocked. Costing me a pretty penny (Approximately $1,027), I feared getting buyer’s remorse after it arrived because of all the people that initially said it was too big. After what seemed like the longest three months of my life, it finally arrived. This review is meant to give a second look at everything that has happened ever since, as well as to dive right into different categories for the website. 

“Approximately $1,027”

After all the hype, the iPhone 6 Plus still continues to be my daily driver. The battery life has managed to be almost unchanged since day one that I received it. I can often last almost two days on one charge with moderate use. Surprisingly, I have yet not run out of storage (something that used to happen rather quickly before), and I have not had any major issues with it. I actually consider it one of the best purchases I have ever made. With it, I have managed to edit, publish, and take most of the photography for the site, and all its social media. I’ve been able to really integrate it as a part of my setup along with my iPad for both school and when working on the site. A bonus has been that Apple managed to give them the ability to talk to each other with Continuity. Overall, performance has also never been an issue, except for the occasional stutter in games whenever the Game Center banner pops up, as well as free-to-play games filled with pop-up ads and images. The camera, is by far the best camera that is always with you, and any set of lenses (either cheap or expensive) can always breathe new life into the iPhone’s camera.

Overall, the iPhone 6 Plus has managed to mature and age extremely well. In a world where it is increasingly harder to buy a bad smartphone, the iPhone 6 Plus still is a good alternative to older smartphones, as well as today’s flagships if saving money is a priority.


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