Why an iPad Can Replace Your Main Computer (In Some Cases)

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Apple’s current efforts are all about trying to position the iPad as a full-on desktop or laptop replacement. Even though many people dismissed these claims right after both iPad Pro came out, there are some instances where iPad can replace a laptop. 

As a student, I have always dreaded carrying my HP Laptop that I received as a graduation present. Since even before first turning it on, I already had stumbled on a problem. My power brick was connected, all wrappers had been enthusiastically taken off, and  yet hitting the power button would not turn my brand new laptop on. The fear of having a dead-on-arrival unit struck me after a couple minutes. Fortunately, after a couple more tries, I was able to turn the computer on. I quickly noticed how half-baked Windows 8 had been, and even though it was not the best laptop, it was mine.

Fast-forward a couple years, and that same laptop still runs Windows 8, has a battery that cannot hold more than 2 hours on charge, and gets slower the more you use it. This is even without mentioning how ridiculously big and bulky it looks every time I take it out of any backpack. Being a full-time college student, I need to have a working computer at all times with me because almost every assignment is usually done through apps or uploading things to a website.

“Here is where everything starts falling into place. “

It is here where my iPad has never let me down. I currently own a 64GB Gold iPad Air 2 and, despite not being a Pro device, it still has managed to replace my laptop. Microsoft’s suite of productivity apps is already available on iPad, and thanks to apps like AirTransfer+, I have never needed to connect it to a computer to transfer files. Lock screen notifications always also guarantee I do not miss any important emails from professors or anyone else trying to reach me. Even though these things probably are also on my laptop, they do not always work  (like Notifications) nor do they have the simplicity that my iPad works with them.  It is here where everything starts falling into place.

Apple does not expect you to edit 4k video for hours-on-end, or edit photos as in-depth as you would with a full version of Photoshop. This is also not what your typical off-the-shelf laptop can do either. Using iPad as a replacement for a typical laptop means that it will get the basics right, which is word-processing, running presentation software, e-mail, and using the internet both lightly, as well as intensively if need be. For this, there is no better laptop I could have ever gotten than my iPad.



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