The Essential Apps

Apple’s tagline for the iPhone, at some point in time, was there’s an app for that. Out of all the many games, social networks, and almost any app imaginable on the App Store, everyone always has their own hidden treasures. These apps tend to be not just favorites, but a staple in all our home screens. Below are the top 5 apps that I consider essential because they let me have a peace of mind, as well have more control over my daily life- as hectic as it may be. 

Sunrise is my to-go Calendar app. It is available for both Android and iOS and performs great on both. I actually stumbled upon this app while waiting for my (back then) brand-new iPhone 6 Plus. I had decided to give Android a try for the 3-month waiting period that would take for my iPhone to arrive. I immediately fell in love with the widget that would let me see all my to-do’s and classes I had next. This proved really useful because I had just begun taking classes, and did not feel like carrying a paper schedule to see where and who was giving my classes.
Some other really useful features is the Repeat and Reminder options when creating an event/to-do. Repeat saves you the trouble of having to manually type an event that happens several times during the week (which for me was classes) in any order you like. Reminder gives you the option of setting up notifications before the event or to-do is due with options for 2 days before, 1 day before, 2 hours before, etc. all the way until the time of the event.
After using Sunrise, I do not have a need to use any other app because it syncs both with Google Calendar and the stock iOS calendar app. This is another plus because it works across devices and even has a desktop client, and anything I change is automatically pushed out to all my devices.
AirTransfer+ is one of my gem apps that always makes me look cooler than I really am.
For me it is a must-have app for anyone that has a smartphone. It all boils down to those times where you have something on your phone, whether it is a PDF, Word Document, or Photo that you need to use on your desktop. You can either email it to yourself or upload to any cloud service, but this app makes that a thing of the past. All you have to do is open the file in the App, and click Wi-Fi. It will create a connection and put the file in a website that can be accessed through any web browser. This makes transferring content to and from a smartphone extremely effortless. Even though AirTransfer is better designed, another app that does the same thing is Webdisk. They both work the same way and have never failed me whenever I needed them.
Another great app that works within iOS limitations, but can also do great things is Documents. Now, Android users already have a download manager integrated with their browser, but thanks to this app, iOS users now do too. This app can download any file from the internet, and open it within the app. It also has the ability to link Google Drive and iCloud, and act as a one stop shop for file management.
Right after Sunrise is another To-do app called Clear. The app is extremely minimalistic and functions exactly as advertised. It will display the things you have to do on your iPhone and, at times, reward you with Themes to customize it to your liking.
Last but not least is another great app that is not very well-known. Maps.Me is an app that features turn-by-turn navigation, and route planning completely offline. This is extremely useful in many situations where there is no Wi-Fi connectivity, or you simply want to save up on data. I, personally, have no data plan connected to my iPhone, and this app has always helped me get to where I need to go whenever I do not know how to. The routes and maps are constantly being updated, and the app now has the option of downloading only certain cities as opposed before where you had to download the entire state.

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